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March 2022 Newsletter

*Ukraine Emergency Appeal

*Pastor's Message

*Financial Report

*World Day of Prayer Service

Ukraine Emergency Appeal

As the crisis unfolds in Ukraine, Canadian Lutheran World Relief together with its partner Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada is calling on Canadians to pray for peace and to give generously in response to urgent humanitarian needs in the region.

CLWR joins its partners and millions around the world in calling for an immediate end to violence in Ukraine.

Early estimates are that millions of people could be rapidly displaced, leading to a widespread humanitarian crisis.

Our partners in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries are closely monitoring the situation and are preparing to respond to immediate humanitarian needs with food, shelter, emergency supplies and trauma support.

With your help, we can act quickly to protect families and communities threatened by this violence, keeping borders open and creating safe pathways, and providing refuge for those fleeing the conflict.

Please give what you can by donating at or by calling 1-800-661-2597 (Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:00 pm CST) and pray for all those who are affected by this turn of events.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Karin Achtelstetter

Executive Director, Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Karin Achtelstetter - CLWR <>


Pastor's Message

"The Great Spirit loves this world of human beings so deeply he gave us his Son - the only Son who fully represents him. All who trust in him and his way will not come to a bad end but will have the life of the world to come that never fades away, full of beauty and harmony. Creator did not send his Son to decide against the people of this world, but to set them free from the worthless ways of the world." John 3:16-17 First Nations Version

There is a new version of the New Testament: First Nations Version: An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament. This is a quote from Rev. Joanna Miller: "Have you heard of this yet? It came into my awareness last week and I share it here because it is really amazing. The translation is rich and meaningful; one of the best parts is the way that names are translated by meanings, according to Indigenous tradition. [Available in paperback as well as electronically.] Definitely worth buying!"

Personally, I have ordered a paperback copy. (Due to challenges with Covid and paper supplies the paper tints differ and there are other "imperfections".) The preface explains the process of decisions of the council in regards to who translated, all the nations that are represented, why they chose English and a number of other factors.

Although I have ordered the book who knows when it will arrive. But this new version is timely for my Lent devotionals - providing new ways to interact with the Word, to hear Jesus speaking and to be "part of the crowd" as he teaches. What are familiar scriptures in NRSV or Good News versions, gain distinct nuances with the perspective of the indigenous nations. I look forward to my new translation arriving soon. Most importantly to me at this time, the beginning of Lent, is this version will provide me with the beginning of a deeper awareness of my indigenous sisters and brothers in Christ.

As we all journey these 40 days through Lent in the company of the Spirit and with the love of Jesus to guide us, may the Word of the Lord open believers spirits to the nuances of whatever version of scripture we favour and the nuances of the lives and faith journeys of other believers. May the Lenten journey helps our spirits and hearts open up to the diversity of our sisters and brothers in Christ – all around the world and within Canada - their cultures, countries, languages, skin tones and sexual identities.

This is my personal challenge in Lent - to build awareness and openness to the diversity of God's grace and glory to God's people.

What is to be your personal Lenten journey? What question do you hope to study? [Read the Scriptures. Keep a journal. Ponder the questions of your spirit and heart. Listen for the Spirits' guidance. Watch for opportunities to live and express your faith. Experience the light of Christ shining with hope.] And be prepared to shout "Alleluia" on Easter morning.

In Christ, Pastor Laurel


Finance Report

February 2022

Redeemer Council met online February 16th 2022 at 7 PM

Our first order of business was the Election of the Executive Council. The Executive Council members for 2022 are:

President Rick Norberg

Vice-President Heddy Mueller

Secretary Kathy Maxon

Treasurer Dorothy Raynor, Raynor Bookkeeping

Parish Life Committee:

Arlene Pottinger

Heddy Mueller

Tyler Foster

Mission Committee:

Sharolyn Molnar

Kathy Maxon

Jan Cuggy

Property & Finance Committee:

Marv Hollender

Don Wrobleski

Jerry Erickson

Dorothy provided the financial reports for January 2022.

- Givings including PAR for the month of January was $4895.00

- Total Income from all sources totalled $5882.62

- Total Expenses for the month of January were $8385.15

- Net Income for January was a deficit of $2502.53 (OUCH!!)

Rick contacted Doug Molnar at Helptek about the supply and installation of Video equipment for Redeemer Zoom services. Doug and Brady came to the church on January 18th to survey what would be needed and where to best install the cameras. Helptek submitted a quotation and Council discussed the project and accepted Helptek’s quote. The original quote includes 3 cameras, a laptop computer with software, a 23-inch monitor, plus a stand and necessary wiring and cables for the installation, as well as, training for the new system. The quote is $5533.92 including tax labour and training. Installation is slated to happen by Lent depending on when the equipment arrives. Council invites all members to donate toward this equipment if you wish. Send your donation in your Giving envelope marked “Video Equipment Fund”.

On February 16th the Video Camera project plan changed. There will be only two cameras in the video system. A much better quality camera will be mounted at the back of the church on the front face of the Choir Loft. It is capable of zooming all the way to the Altar area with pan capabilities to cover both the Altar and the Pulpit. A second smaller camera will be mounted on the East side of the Sanctuary and focused mainly on the Lectern. There will be no cameras mounted in the Altar area. Helptek will honour the quoted price as the rear-mounted camera is much more expensive and the stand at the Altar will no longer be needed. The rest of the equipment will remain the same.

Jerry Erickson has taken on the responsibilities of Fire Inspector for Redeemer Lutheran Church. He has reviewed the Fire code and our compliance with the code. We have added another fire extinguisher to the Main Floor of the church. It puts us in compliance with the total area of the Sanctuary and the Choir Loft. It is mounted just inside the Office door off the Sanctuary.

The fire extinguisher that was mounted by the kitchen has been moved to the left side of the main doors in the Banquet area. This move puts it in compliance with the distance to the stairs and remains in compliance with the distance to the kitchen. The batteries in the Emergency Light in the Banquet area were replaced. All the Emergency Lights and Exit signs were checked and Exit signs have been added to all the Exits. Jerry has labelled the door to the Service Room to comply with the Fire Code. Council thanks Jerry for all that he has done to bring us into compliance with the Fire Code.

Lent is fast approaching. Shrove Tuesday is March 1st and Covid 19 restrictions will be eased by then, however, there will not be sufficient time to prepare for our Annual Pancake Supper, so we will once again have a Virtual Pancake Supper as it is one of our main fundraising events at Redeemer. Council asks that you donate to the Pancake Supper. Be generous.

Council discussed reopening the church for Sunday services, as the Manitoba Health restrictions will begin to lift in March. It was decided the services will continue on Zoom until our next meeting in March, so we can monitor how the Covid virus behaves. Pastor will hold the Zoom services from the church sanctuary and the Ash Wednesday service will be a live stream service.

Thanks be to God.

Property finance committee

Rick Norberg, Marv Hollender, Don Wrobleski, Jerry Erickson


World Day of Prayer 2022

The 55-minute service video, produced by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, can be watched in several ways:

  • at home on a computer: go to and click on WORLD DAY OF PRAYER 2022 SERVICE VIDEO

  • buy a copy of the service video, go to and order a DVD ($20) or USB stick ($15). Or call the office: 416-929-5184

People are encouraged to donate to World Day of Prayer on the WICC website: ( or mail a cheque to:

WICC Office

47 Queens Park Cr E

Toronto, ON M5S 2C3

along with your mailing address so we can send a tax receipt.

Your support is needed to provide World Day of Prayer services in Canada, and to fund its grant program which helps women and children affected by social injustice issues.

The 2022 service was written by the WDP Committee of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Theme: I Know the Plans I Have for You. (Jeremiah 29: 1-14)


2022 Elected Executive

President: Rick Norberg

Vice-President: Heddy Mueller

Secretary: Kathy Maxon

Treasurer: Dorothy Raynor, Raynor Bookkeeping

Envelope Secretary: Sharolyn Molnar

Parish Life Committee: Arlene Pottinger, Heddy Mueller, Tyler Foster

Mission Committee: Sharolyn Molnar, Kathy Maxon, Jan Cuggy

Property & Finance Committee: Marv Hollender, Don Wrobleski, Jerry Erickson


Our Mailing Address:

Redeemer Lutheran Church

114 Ashgrove Boulevard

Brandon, MB R7B 1E1



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