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The people of Redeemer Lutheran/St. George's see themselves more like a family. We try to live, worship, and serve together as best we can. We tend to like when things are straightforward. And that’s true of our faith in practice, too. Our purpose is simply:

To strengthen our faith and reach out to others to share God's love.

While that’s a fairly simple statement, there’s a lot packed into it. There are hundreds of different ways that we live out that statement each day, and we trust that God will lead us to find more ways to live that out in our community as we grow in faith.

What Grounds Us

We rely on the bible as our first source of what God has to say to us. In the stories of Jesus, we hear how God comes to teach us, heal us, and bring us an abundant life. But even more than that, we hear how we are brought back into a loving relationship with our creator and called to work alongside God in sharing that good news.

What Guides Us

In all of our actions and decisions, we try to:

  • Keep Jesus at the center of all our decisions.

  • Strengthen our faith through worship, prayer, and bible study.

  • Live our faith and witness to God’s love through our actions.

  • Reach out to all people in the community.

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