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February 2021 Newsletter

*AGM February 21, 2021

*Samaritan House

*Pastor's Thoughts

*Financial Statement

The AGM is moved to February 21, 2021. AGM reports will be due to Evelyn by February 6th for distribution to the congregation on February 14th.


Samaritan House, At our council meeting, we did talk about it and decided that people would or could do their own deliveries to Samaritan house and mention that this is on behalf of Redeemer. Donations may be dropped off Monday to Friday 11 -1 pm, 3 -4 pm


Pastor's Newsletter Message - February 2021

Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ:

As we continue our journey as a faith community throughout the seasons of the Church calendar, we find ourselves looking towards the season of Lent. During our MNO Clergy Zoom gathering yesterday, we were discussing what does "virtual" Ash Wednesday look like and how is it practiced in isolation and social distancing. And what about the rest of the Lenten season? Ideas and resources were shared and exchanged. It was an uplifting, productive and illuminating hour and a half. Since the clergy gathering was held only yesterday, there has not been time to share and process information let alone have it ready to pass onto you at the time of this Newsletter but in a later addition.

Having said that, I believe that this year's Lenten season will have a far greater impact on our faith lives than in previous years. The worldwide pandemic has brought the reality of mortality into a much starker focus. Many of us know of someone who has tested positive for COVID. We are still in our small circles, with no hugs, isolation, and facemasks. Yet, as the Psalmist says, we walk through the valley of shadow guided by the light that glimmers at the end of the canyon. And though the COVID valley appears to be never-ending, we can rest assured that we are not alone in the darkness and the light that is promised always shines brightly.

May the hope, grace, love and mercy of the Triune God guide your Lenten journey. May the reflection upon scripture illumine your relationship with your Saviour. And may the Holy Spirit continue to uplift you with the peace of God.


Pastor Laurel


December 2020 Redeemer Newsletter Financ
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