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July 2021 Newsletter

*Pastor's Message

*Financial Statement

Pastor's Message

“Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Happy Canada Day.

Due to a fall and a fracture of my left proximal humerus, I will be sending out a late newsletter message.

God bless your summer.

May our Lord and Saviour grace you with hope and joy in days of sunshine/

Pastor Laurel


Finance Report June 2021

The End Is Near! Covid numbers are starting to come down and first and second injection numbers are going up. Hallelujah!!

Council met last week online on Wednesday, June 16th at 7 PM. Dorothy provided the financial numbers for May 2021. May showed a surplus of $4689.25. Redeemer received a third Manitoba Bridge Relief fund payment for $5000.00 and a Wage Subsidy of $1792.92 in May. We have been blessed to receive Government assistance, however, without the assistance, we would have shown a deficit of $2103.67 for the month of May.

Total Giving for May was $4510.00 Which is $1605.00 less than budgeted. Our Total Giving year-to-date is $27870.00. This is $1505.00 less than budgeted.

Total Income from all sources for the Month of May is $5896.12 and $2200.72 behind budget. Total Income from all sources year-to-date is $34864.00 and $3304.12 behind budget.

Total Expenses for the month of May were $6206.87 $2113.72 ahead of budget. Total Expenses year-to-date are $34168.90 and include the wage subsidy. We are $9510.66 ahead of the budgeted expenses.

The council received and accepted a quote for the concrete replacement from Gaiser Construction. Construction will take place sometime this summer.

Council would like to remind you about our financial commitment of $1000.00 per year to Samaritan House Winter Shelter. To date, we have received $270.00

We are $80.00 short of our goal on the Pancake supper. Thank you to all who have contributed to this project.

We will soon be looking for monies to fund the Fall Supper. The budgeted amount is $3000.00

Thanks be to God

Property/Finance Committee

Rick Norberg Marv Hollender Don Wrobleski


2021 Elected Executive:

Chair: Heddy Mueller

Vice-Chair: Rick Norberg

Secretary: Kathy Maxon

Envelope Secretary: Sharolyn Molnar

Treasurer: Dorothy Raynor

Financial Committee: Rick Norberg, Don Wrobleski, Marvin Hollender

Mission Committee: Kathy Maxon, Jan Cuggy, Sharolyn Molnar

Parish Committee: Shelley Kretchman, Jerry Erickson, Tyler Foster


Our mailing address is:

Redeemer Lutheran Church

114 Ashgrove Blvd

Brandon, MB R7B 1E1



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