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What to expect

What should I expect when I come to worship?

On the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month we follow an Anglican Service and the 2nd and 4th Sundays we follow a Lutheran Service.  We celebrate Holy Communion each Sunday.   Anyone who is baptized is welcome to join us.  Our pastor wears a robe when leading the service.  Parts of the liturgy are read and other parts are sung.  We have readings from the Bible, and our pastor preaches a sermon based on those readings. We sing traditional hymns using a piano & violin  follow an order of service from one of our hymnals.

While we are 'traditional,' we are not very formal.

Some people wear a suit, while others wear shorts and a t-shirt and bring their travel mug with them. You are free to come as you are.
Our worship service normally runs for about an hour, but you can come 15 or 20 minutes early to join us for a coffee before the service  to meet some of the people from our congregation.

What are the similarities between Lutheran and Anglican Churches?

We believe in the same things all Christian churches do – God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and prayer.   We believe and rely on God’s grace. and we believe that we are unable to live that life without God leading us, giving us strength, and forgiving us when we fall short. We want to build a relationship with Christ by building relationships with one another as the Church and with our neighbours through radically spreading the love of God and living out the Gospel.


You can read more about the Anglican Church of Canada by clicking here.

You can read more about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, by clicking here.

Who else uses our Church?

There are a number of groups not affiliated with the congregation that use our space to meet during the week.  They include:    St. Mina and

St. Antony Coptic Orthodox Church , the Brandon 18th Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts,, Girl Guides, Embers, Wheat City Alanon Family Group, and Brandon Orchestra.

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