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Research Project Information and request for assistance

Dear Faith Leaders, I am writing to let you know about an opportunity to participate in a voluntary research study about the effects of the switch or online worship during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rev. Dr. James Hendricksen (Senior Pastor of Hosanna Lutheran Church in Edmonton) is conducting this study as part of his Capstone project for his MA in Communications and Technology. I am asking for assistance related to the two surveys that make up the majority of this research. One is for those involved in the production of these services and a second for those who participated in these services. There are two ways you can assist in this research. First, you can complete the appropriate survey. Second, you can share this information with your congregation. Linked to this email are two information letters about the survey – one for content producers and one for those watching the services (consumers). For your convenience, here are two links to these forms [Producer Survey Recruitment letter] and [Consumer Survey Recruitment Letter]. In addition, I have supplied suggested wording for announcements with links to the appropriate information letters you can use to advertise these surveys. Here is a link to this form [Information Letter]. Here are direct links to the surveys if you prefer that route: Consumer Survey - [link], and Producer Survey - [link]. I would very much appreciate your assistance in sharing this information through your publications and contacts. Your participation is vital as the greater the participation in the surveys, the richer the data pool created. The closing date for the surveys is expected to be June 15, 2021. Thanks again for your assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or are interested in learning more about this project, which is University of Alberta - Research Ethics Board, approved. James Hendricksen

Principal Investigator: Rev. Dr. James Hendricksen Student - Master of Arts- Communications and Technology University of Alberta (780) 484-3932 (O)


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