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Council Meeting Minutes October 2019

October 19, 2019


Present: Pastor Laurel Seyfert; Heddy Mueller - Chair; Rick Norberg - Vice-Chair; Kathy Maxon - Secretary; Dorothy Raynor - Treasurer; Shelley Kretchman; Wally Tetzlaff; Sharolyn Molnar; Don Wrobleski; Ed Podjan; Arlene Pottinger

Regrets: Jerry Erickson

1. Call to order - 7:05 p.m.

2. Opening – Pastor Laurel spoke on being thankful and creating a gratitude list. Each Council Member shared one thing they are thankful for.

3. Agenda – Motion to adopt the agenda: Molnar/Maxon. Carried.

4. Treasurers Report – Attached

a. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report: Norberg/Podjan. Carried

b. Motion to ratify expenditures of cheque #’s 3368-3380: Maxon/Molnar. Carried.

c. EFT Canada (Par) – Bishop Zinko spoke to the contact at EFT regarding the problems we are having registering and is now recommending we switch to using the United Church PAR program; pamphlet and application form available on the ELCIC website.

Motion to pursue the United Church PAR Program: Norberg/Wrobleski. Carried.

Molnar will send a message to current PAR participants requesting cheques be provided to cover their regular contributions for September to December

5. Minutes of September 18, 2019 Metting

a. Corrections - 6.a), 7.d.i) spelling of “Lupki Loeppy”; 8.a) spelling of “Meuller Mueller”

b. Motion to accept the Minutes as corrected: Maxon/Molnar. Carried.

6. Correspondence:

a. Letter – Yellow Pages re: billing – forwarded to Treasurer

7. Reports

a. Parish Report:

i. Shelley reported that pianists are almost booked for November

b. Mission Report:

i. Samaritan House – Box of donated items were delivered. Setting up a meeting with the Executive Director to discuss needs for this year’s campaign and to tour the renovated Safe & Warm Shelter. Shelter Opens November 1st

c. Property & Finance Report:

i. Fire Protection Services inspected the fire extinguishers; two needed replacement.

ii. Printer drum is replaced and has a 2-year warranty; the previous drum had greater than 12,000 copies usage; the amount of paper purchased will be checked during budget discussions (to see if it matches the number of copies being completed).

iii. Josh Gaiser plowed the parking lot and Marv Hollander cleared the sidewalks and steps

iv. Concrete Project – Tabled until 2020

v. Splash pads – for eavestroughs – tabled until 2020

d. Pastors Report – Reviewed as distributed

i. Constitution Review – Heather Ewasiuk has completed the review; some of the items have been moved from the Constitution to the Bylaws;

ii. Piano Recitals – Nicole Loeppy came to see the site and is very pleased.

iii. Pastor advised that she is the only ELCIC west of Winnipeg; she has been receiving numerous phone calls, especially in relation to funerals; Council directed her to use her discretion on performing these services.

iv. Pastor explained the situation of her office and the lack of privacy during meetings and/or counselling sessions; even with “Privacy” signs posted on all of the doors, individuals will still unlock the door and enter the office;

Solution: an announcement will be placed in the bulletin for three to four weeks – “If Pastor Laurel’s office doors are locked, please check to see if the “In a Meeting” sign is posted on the door. If it is, please respect it and return at another time.”

Maxon will make signs for the doorknobs: “Private. Meeting in Session”

e. Motion to accept the reports as printed and/or presented. Pottinger/Tetzlaff. Carried.

8. Unfinished Business:

a. EFT Canada – See Treasurer’s Report

b. Concrete Project – See Property & Finance Report

c. Splash Pads – See Property & Finance Report

d. Constitution Review – See Pastor’s Report

e. Fundraising Suggestions – Dinner in Spring

f. Fall Supper – Successful; 178 plates sold; sold extra ham but ran out of potatoes and carrots; Discussion on why there were only china plates used; explanation: no paper plates were purchased; If changing back to china plates, it is a congregational decision at the next AGM.

9. New Business

a. Mueller was approached by Elaine Pilloud re: Sandy Maxon’s bequeath of $10,000; Mueller explained to her that no decision had been made but a commercial dishwasher had been discussed; Pilloud said this was a good suggestion, on that Sandy would have approved. Further discussion required.

10. Announcements/Upcoming Events & Discussions

a. All Saint’s Day

11. Closing – Pastor Laurel led us in the Lord’s Prayer

12. Meeting Adjourned – 8:18 p.m.

13. Next Meeting November 20, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.