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Council Meeting Minutes May 2019

May 15, 2019


Present: Pastor Laurel Seyfert; Heddy Mueller – Chair; Rick Norberg – Vice-Chair; Dorothy Raynor – Treasurer; Kathy Maxon – Secretary; Shelley Kretchman; Don Wrobleski; Ed Podjan

Regrets: Wally Tetzlaff; Jerry Erickson; Sharolyn Molnar; Arlene Pottinger

1. Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.

2. Opening: Pastor Laurel le on the topic of Baptism

3. Agenda: Motion to adopt the agenda: Rick Norberg/Shelley Kretchman. Carried

4. Treasurer’s Report: Attached

a. Term Deposits maturing: June 4 - $10,381.64 and $20,586.13; June 14 - $35,718.23. Motion to reinvest $10,000 for six (6) months, $20,000 for one (1) year, and $35,000 for one (1) year and put the interest earned of $381.64, $586.13 and $718.23 in the General Fund to cover the Insurance fee: Rick Norberg/ Ed Podjan. Carried

b. Monthly Reports: Don Wrobleski commented Dorothy Raynor on monthly work on the reports; discussion regarding if all reports received are necessary on a monthly basis or could they be received quarterly; the decision to have reports remain the same at this time

c. It is agreed that the Balance Sheet should have footnotes included indicating the amounts received designated to specific projects out of the General Fund. The Financial Committee advised that at year-end the specific contributions will be reviewed to determine if the notation will be carried forward to the next year’s Balance Sheet.

d. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report: Ed Podjan/Rick Norberg. Carried

e. Motion to ratify expenditures of cheque #’s 3330 – 3337: Ed Podjan/Rick Norberg. Carried.

5. Minutes of April 17, 2019

a. Errors or Omissions: Item 7. Reports – c) iii) “Creasy” corrected to “Mark Cramer”

b. Motion to accept the Minutes as amended: Shelley Kretchman/Rick Norberg. Carried.

6. Correspondence:

a. Property Tax Statement: delivered to Treasurer

b. Samaritan House: Thank you letter for the 11 camp cots for the Safe and Warm Shelter

c. MNO Benevolence Report: delivered to Treasurer

7. Reports:

a. Parish Report:

i. Shelley Kretchman reported that pianists are booked until the end of June.

b. Mission Report: Samaritan House: still waiting for a response about the Grant Application to the MNO Synod.

c. Property & Finance Report:

i. Yard/Sanctuary Clean-up: Saturday, May 25th; Wally Tetzlaff has prepared a booklet detailing the work that needs to be completed; Ed Podjan advised that the pulpit by the baptismal font and the Cross has been refurbished with varnish

ii. Plumbing expenses: Letter was written to the City of Brandon; re the roto-rooting and potential reimbursement. No reply to date.

iii. Insurance: 20% Commission noted on the policy: Heddy Mueller was advised by Guild Insurance that the Commission is payable to the Brokers; As to the retainer of $500, if we cancelled the Policy mid-term then Guild Insurance would keep the retainer (pro-rated); Guild Insurance is investigating if there can be a discount for no mortgage being held; The Insurer wants to inspect the Church as part of their Loss Prevention Risk Management Practice (Past President Len Jannuska provided Rick Norberg’s contact information to Guild Insurance but they have yet to contact him.)

iv. Bug zapper bulb has been replaced.

v. The light fixture above stairwell has been replaced

vi. North exterior lights: sill need repairs; South exterior light also needs to be checked.

vii. Window Project: windows will be looked at prior to scheduling a work party.

viii. Piano Refurbishing Project: $3,210 of the $4,200 has been collected to date. Mark Cramer has been advised and repairs should take place in June or July.

ix. Concrete Project: Rick Norberg met with Bruce Gaiser of Gaiser Construction and Bruce recommends the concrete from door to curb be replaced. A quote of $9,000 for a four-inch slab on the top step and each other step, the step to curb removed and new stairs and handrails installed, with our cost being only $4,000. The incline for the handicap ramp will change and needs to be within regulations. This quote is for aggregate and requires a sealant coat each year for the first two years and then every five years. As per Minutes of March 20th Council Meeting, Rick will obtain a quote for plain concrete. July and August would be the ideal time for the concrete work

d. Pastor’s Report: Reviewed as distributed

i. Pastor Laurel found an envelope in her desk containing $55.64 leftover from the Family Curling events; Council agreed to contribute the funds to the Samaritan House project.

e. Motion to accept the reports as printed and/or presented. Shelley Kretchman/Ed Podjan. Carried

8. Unfinished Business:

a. Piano Repairs: see Property and Finance Report

b. Concrete Project: see Property and Finance Report

c. Fundraising Suggestions: Church talent show; Raffle with big Prizes; Church Board-Game night; Fish Fry; Pig Roast; Beef Dinner; Smoked Beef BBQ. No decisions made.

9. New Business: none

10. Announcements/Upcoming Events & Discussions

a. Yard/Sanctuary Clean-up: Saturday, May 25th

11. Closing: Pastor Laurel led us in the Lord’s Prayer

12. Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 p.m.

13. Next Meeting: June 19, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.