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Council Meeting Minutes June 2019

June 19, 2019


Present: Pastor Laurel Seyfert; Heddy Mueller – Chair; Rick Norberg – Vice-Chair; Dorothy Raynor – Treasurer; Kathy Maxon – Secretary; Shelley Kretchman; Don Wrobleski; Ed Podjan; Wally Tetzlaff; Sharolyn Molnar; Arlene Pottinger

Regrets: Jerry Erickson

1. Call to order: 7:00 p.m.

2. Opening: Pastor Laurel shared about the Clergy Retreat at Pinawa. An awesome gathering where attendees are getting to know the Anglican community better. Discussions on “the bigger church” and what’s going on in our own congregations and churches. She shared that meetings like the retreat “strengthen is (Clergy)” and “the Services are uplifting”

3. Agenda: Additions: 4.d) Faith Life (PAR) and e) Credit Card; 7.c) Splash Pads; 9.a) Pastors speaker/microphone. Motion to adopt the agenda: Sharolyn Molnar/Don Wrobleski. Carried.

4. Treasurers Report: Attached

a. Monthly Reports: After the May meeting. Treasurer Dorothy distributed a revised Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual form. It is agreed that this new form gives a truer picture of our finances on a month-to-month basis. We will continue to use the old format until the end of the year and have the new version prepared for the year-end to continue next year.

b. Motion: To accept the Treasurer’s Report: Kathy Maxon/Sharolyn Molnar. Carried.

c. Motion: to ratify expenditures for cheque #’s 3338 – 3345: Wally Tetzlaff/Ed Podjan. Carried

d. Faith Life: is no longer offering PAR as of August 10, 2019; they recommend EFT Canada; Dorothy will check with Compass and Westoba Credit Unions to see if they will offer this type of service; this discontinuation will be announced to the congregation for feedback on if there is the desire to pursue this service; Individuals can also attend their own financial Institutions and arrange for automatic transfers; Dorothy will also contact the Synod to find out what other congregations are doing.

e. Credit Card: Sunday’s and Season’s renewal had to be completed on Pastor’s personal credit card as the company will accept no other form of payment. Motion to obtain a credit card in the name of Redeemer Lutheran Church with a limit of $1,000, source to be determined: Ed Podjan/Shelley Kretchman. Carried. Dorothy will investigate which credit card to apply for.

5. Minutes of May 15th Meeting

a. Errors or Omissions: May 15, 2019 and Minutes of April 17 Meeting.

b. Motion: To accept the Minutes amended: Wally Tetzlaff/Sharolyn Molnar. Carried

6. Correspondence:

a. City of Brandon re Sewer Blockage: declined to assist with finances

b. Red River Mutual: Insurance Policy expires June 25, 2019; bill delivered to the treasurer

c. Faith Life re PAR: refer to Treasurer’s Report

7. Reports:

a. Parish Report

i. Shelley reported that pianists are booked for July, except the 21st; Colleen Haugen has requested Council encourage the congregation to reach out to drive the refugee family to church on Sundays; there is a sign-up sheet on the front door.

b. Mission Report: Samaritan House: three bags of items were delivered by Sharolyn; some items saved for the November packages for the Shelter; still waiting for a response from Synod red Grant application so Kathy will send a follow-up email requesting the status.

c. Property & Finance Report:

i. Yard/Sanctuary Clean-up: Wally and Ed completed the cleaning of all the floors and carpets so the clean up is completed; the booklet detailing the work that needs to be completed yearly will be kept at the church;

ii. General Maintenance: continues; the deadbolt on the office door needs to be replaced

iii. Garage Sale Items: will be sorted out by the Ladies Group and taken to a thrift store

iv. Splash pads: for eavestroughs – requires a 4’length; Wally is still investigating various options; Rick will ask Gaiser’s about the cost of constructing concrete pads.

v. Insurance: Red River Mutual wants to inspect the Church prior to November as part of its Loss Prevention Risk Management Practice

vi. North & South exterior lights: still need repairs

vii. Window Project: rescheduling a work party

viii. Piano Refurbishing Project: work will be completed on June 20th; the bill has been paid.

ix. Concrete Project: Aggregate quote of $9,000 plus GST, with our cost being only $4,000 plus GST; Air-In-Trained (Regular) concrete quote of $7,500 plus GST, with our cost being $3,750 plus GST. Motion to install regular concrete: Ed Podjan/Kathy Maxon. Carried

x. Windows 10: Windows 7 is no longer supported; Rich had Doug Molnar install windows 10; Doug is registering the Church with Microsoft as a non-profit, which gives us reduced prices on software. Motion to have windows 10 installed on Church computer: Don Wrobleski/Rick Norberg. Carried

d. Pastor’s Report: Reviewed as distributed

i. Constitution Review: Committee will be recruited this fall

e. Motion: To accept the reports as printed and/or presented: Arlene Pottinger/Rick Norberg. Carried

8. Unfinished Business:

a. Piano repairs: see Property and Finance Report.

b. Concrete Project: see Property and Finance Report

c. Fundraising Suggestions: tabled until August

9. New Business:

a. Speaker/Microphone: (wireless) is muffled and has static; Pastor will contact Ted Good Music

10. Announcements/Upcoming Events: None

11. Closing: Pastor led us in the Lord’s Prayer

12. Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 p.m.

13. Next Meeting: August 21, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.

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