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Council Meeting Minutes April 2019

April 17, 2019


Present: Pastor Laurel Seyfert; Heddy Mueller-Chair; Rick Norberg-Vice Chair; Dorothy Raynor-Treasurer; Kathy Maxon-Secretary; Shelley Kretchman; Wally Tetzlaff; Jerry Erickson; Don Wrobleski; Sharolyn Molnar; Arlene Pottinger

Regrets: Ed Podjan

1. Call to Order - 7:00 p.m.

2. Opening - Pastor Laurel led on the topic of new life and hope; Jesus has led the way for our salvation.

3. Agenda

a. Additions: New Business - Audit 2018

b. Motion to adopt the agenda: Rick Norberg/Wally Tetzlaff. Carried.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Attached

a. Special Project Funds (ie. Dishwasher Fund) – these funds are not isolated in separate accounts; all funds are in the General Fund; Dorothy will try to determine the amounts in each Project Fund.

b. Cheque Description – the purpose/particulars of each cheque is now listed on the Cheque Register.

c. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Rick Norberg/Shelley Kretchman. Carried

d. Motion to ratify expenditures of cheque no.# 3317 – 3329; Rick Norberg/Wally Tetzlaff. Carried.

5. Minutes of March 20, 2019 Meeting

a. Errors or Omissions: none

b. Motion to accept the Minutes as distributes: Jerry Erickson/Wally Tetzlaff. Carried.

6. Correspondence:

a. Lutheran Theological Seminary – Letter advising that Rev. Dr. William Harrison will be visiting all four of the Western Synods about the Seminary. MNO Synod visit on May 22, 2019 (location TBA)

7. Report:

a. Parish Report:

i. Shelley Kretchman reported that the pianists are booked until the end of May. Sandra Gloor will play organ May 26th.

b. Mission Report:

i. Samaritan House – One box of food was taken to Samaritan House; Eleven Camp Pots for Safe and Warm Shelter arrived at Samaritan House. Pastor Laurel and Kathy Maxon will get a picture with the cots for the PowerPoint; 35 packages are left for 2019/2020 from the 100 packages we delivered in November 2018; The Grant application to the MNO Synod will be reviewed in the next couple of weeks by the Synod committee.

ii. Pancake Supper Leftover Brunch – on March 31st was very successful with approximately 40 members attending and a Free-Will offering of $270.

c. Property & Finance Report:

i. Audit – has been completed; all is in good standing; Audit 2019 should be completed prior to the January 2020 AGM.

ii. Concrete Project – Rick Norberg is meeting with Bruce Gaiser of Gaiser Concrete April 18th to discuss the details.

iii. Piano Refurbishing Project – Rick Norberg is waiting until 80% of the funds have been raised before contacting Mark Cramer, but it was agreed that Rick will contact Mark Cramer to advise that the council has approved this project.

iv. Financially, the accounts are doing well.

v. Insurance – Don Wrobleski has reviewed the Policy and noted that the Directors’ Insurance was cancelled and that there is a 20% commission noted but we do not know that it is for; Heddy Mueller explained that it was the decision of the Council of the time the Directors’ Insurance be discontinued as it was felt that $500 was quite costly. Don advised that the Report does not give a breakdown of what we are paying for what coverage; Heddy will look into this further.

vi. Basement Metal Chairs – Ed Podjan advertised the chairs on eBrandon and sold all of them at a profit of $170.

vii. Window Project – Wally Tetzlaff recommends doing some trim work on the windows this year to give them a few more years until the window replacement occurs; Rick Norberg suggested repainting it in a lighter colour to reduce sun damage; Wally will organize a work bee.

viii. Yard/Sanctuary Clean-up – Saturday, May 25th; pulpit by the baptismal font needs repairs, as does the base of the Cross, North exterior lights will be repaired by Jerry Erickson

d. Pastor’s Report: Reviewed as distributed.

i. The Chaplin for the Police Services was in attendance at the Brandon Ministerial Association she hosted at Redeemer. Pastor Laurel explained to him about a car being in the parking lot at times with young men in it. She is advised to get a description of the car and/or the licence plate and telephone the Police Station.

e. Motion to accept the reports as printed and/or presented. Arlene Pottinger/Shelley Kretchman. Carried.

8. Unfinished Business:

a. Piano Repairs – see Property and Finance Report

b. Chairs for basement – see Property and Finance Report

c. Concrete Project – see Property and Finance Report

9. New Business:

a. Audit – see Property and Finance Report

b. Church & Office Door Keys – Wally Tetzlaff will have keys prepared for Don Wrobleski, Arlene Pottinger and Shelley Kretchman.

c. Fundraising Suggestion – Tabled until the Piano Refurbishing Project monies are collected

d. Sabina and her University friends appreciate a venue to perform in. Some thoughts are for their group to perform during Sunday Services and/or for Redeemer to host a concert. No final decision made at this time.

10. Announcements/Upcoming Events & Discussions

a. Good Friday Service – April 19th at 11:00 a.m.

b. Easter Sunday & Baptism – April 21st at 10:00 a.m.

c. Yard/Sanctuary Clean-up – May 25th

11. Closing – Pastor Laurel led us in the Lord’s Prayer.

12. Meeting Adjourned – 8:52 p.m.

13. Next Meeting – May 15th at 7:00 p.m.